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We the Gokul Poly Valves Pvt. Ltd. are the leading PP Drip Irrigation Valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The best quality Poly valves and the different Irrigation System are manufactured by us. The best quality raw materials are used for the manufacturing of the different types of the valves and the irrigation system that also at an affordable price. The different products like PP Ball Valve, PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve, PVC Ball Valve, HDPE Pipe Fitting, HDPE Sandwich Flange, PP Coupling, Agricultural Ball Valve, etc. We are the ISO 9001:2015 irrigation valves manufactured and also the certified supplier of the drip irrigation system.

Our company is well developed and has the machinery that are as per the latest standard and technology that ultimately facilitates the best quality drip irrigation system manufacturing. We also own a team of the expertise that monitors the whole manufacturing process and only after passing the several quality checks they are handed over to the customers. The complete solution related to the drip irrigation system and the accessories that are required in the irrigation system are manufactured by us.

Drip Irrigation System Manufacturer

Which crops are suitable for drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation techniques are one of the best and efficient water and nutrient transfer system for crops. Many crops are suitable for drip irrigation system such as Orchard Crops, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Flowers, Plantation, Spices, Oil Seed, Forest Crops. Orchard Crops include Grapes, Pomegranate, Lemon, Custard Apple, Sapota,Coconut . Forest Crops include Teakwood, Bamboo etc. Oil Seed include sunflower, oil plam, Groundnut. Plantation include Tea, Rubber, Coffee, Coconut etc. it is very effective for growing plant. It is Increase in yield up to 230 %.

Why do plants prefer drip irrigation?

Plants also have water and nutrients in balanced way. So Drip irrigation is best technique. Drip irrigation threw plants gets availability of water and nutrients. These system crops are growing better. It transfer or deliver water or other nutrient directly to plant's zone, in proper amounts and proper time, each plants get proper need water, and also good care the plants grow very fast.it is save your time, as well as fertilizers, energy and even crop protection products. No wetting of foliage that can result in fungal diseases.

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Drip Irrigation System

The Irrigation is the important part of any country and its economy. Nowadays, irrigation also makes the use of the latest technology that makes efficient use of the resources and provides the maximum output.

In the Drip Irrigation System, the most important resource of the any irrigation i.e. water is used more efficiently and is highly used in our country as well as the other countries. In this irrigation system the water is offered in drop by drop manner to the crops that are sown for plantation. The main benefit of using this technique is that it makes water use in a controlled manner. The water is released drop by drop where the crops are planted. The crops are sown and grown without the wastage of the water.

Benefits of The Drip Irrigation System

There are several benefits of using the Drip Irrigation System

  • The Drip Irrigation System is a modern approach of the irrigation system.
  • This technique helps to save the water up to a great extent.
  •  The areas that have less water can be cultivated using these techniques.
  • The crops cultivated using these techniques are of good quality, appropriate growth and they grow fast.
  • The overall cost for the production of the crops is reduced to the greatest extent.
  • The resources are used very efficiently and by using the minimum resources the maximum crops can be cultivated.

The technique that has gained lots of the popularity and nowadays the farmers are also making use of the latest techniques for the cultivation of the crops. This drip irrigation is beneficial for the cultivation of the crops like orchard crops, vegetables, cash crops, flower, plantation, spices, forest crops, oil seed cultivation, etc. All these types of the crops can be cultivated using this technique. Besides this they are also useful for the crops cultivation in the hilly region, desert region, saline, water logged and terrain this region cultivation is possible using this drip irrigation technique.

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Drip Irrigation System In India

The main components of the Drip Irrigation System are A Pump Station, Control Valves, Filtration System, Fertilizer Tank, Pressure Gauge, Transmission Lines or Tubes, Emitters. Let us have a quick overview of the working of the Drip Irrigation System. The Pump station is used for the pumping of the water that is to be transmitted to the irrigation system. Before, the water transmission the pressure of the water is controlled using the control valves and the water supply can be increased or decreased as per the requirement. The filter like screen filters and sand filters that are used for the filtration of the components and removes the contaminants from the water. The fertilizer tank is also added to the water that also can be transmitted to the roots directly with the water drop by drop. The water supply is further into the fields by the transmission lines pipelines that are made up of the PVC and they are buried inside the ground. And, finally the emitters are there that are emitting the water drop by drop that are used by the crops for their growth.

Drip Irrigation Systeam Manufacturer And Supplier

The Gokul Valves are the leading PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our company makes use of the latest technology and the best quality raw materials that provide the best irrigation system and the accessories. We have an expertise team that is monitoring the whole process right from the manufacturing to the delivering final product to the customers.

The complete solution related to the irrigation system and the accessories is provided by us that are also the effective price and available in a very wide range. We ensure that the best quality raw materials are used for the manufacturing process. The drip irrigation system, the PP Drip Irrigation Valve, PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve, etc. is handed over to the customers only after passing the strict quality check and we ensure that the best quality product is provided that are free from the manufacturing defects.

Benefit of Our Service Of Drip Irrigation System
  • The company is providing the different type of the valve, the irrigation system and the accessories related to them that are also of the best quality.
  • We make use of the latest technology machinery and the best quality of product in order to manufacture the products that are as per required latest standards.
  • The strict quality measure standards are adopted and only after passing the strict quality check they are sent out for the delivery.
  • The products possess the superior exterior finishing and are free from the defects.
  • The faster delivery of the product is provided to the customers.
  • The complete solutions related to the different types of valves are provided that also under the single roof.
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There are several factors that dissociate us from the other several providers and the above stated are the benefits of the services that are provided by us and makes our services more demandable in the national and the international markets. The Gokul Ploy Valves Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Drip Irrigation System supplier in Ahmedabad and also the PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve supplier in Gujarat and the nearby region of the Indian state. The fast and secure service of the irrigation system and the valves is provided by us in almost all the different states and we are also the PP Drip Irrigation Valve exporter in Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, USA, UK, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Africa, etc. The superior quality irrigation system equipment is provided by us that also at the most affordable price. Kindly contact us in case of any assistance required regarding the product or the service our executive is 24x7 available for assisting our national and the international customers. The main aim of the company is to provide the best quality product at the affordable price and also to satisfy the customers with our best quality product and our service. The complete range of the ball valves and HDPE fitting is provided by us and the complete 360o related to the drip irrigation system is provided by us that also under at one roof and also at single place.